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Leah Bunch, Director of Operations

Leah Bunch, Director of Operations for Bestia & Bavel grew up in Santa Ynez, California Wine Country always surrounded by food and in the kitchen having a mother as a chef. Throughout high school and college, Leah worked as a hostess and a server in different restaurants, slowly working her way up to General Manager of Portsmouth restaurant in Whittier. She graduated with a master’s degree in education and taught for 7 years but was left unfulfilled. Having a sister who was working in the restaurant industry, Leah soon realized that was a potential career path, and one she was passionate about pursuing. Leah decided to move to Los Angeles, where she knew there would be greater restaurant opportunities for her.


Leah began her Los Angeles restaurant career in the Arts District, where she worked her way up from a server, to floor sommelier, and finally, Service Manager and General Manager. Being around the corner from her favorite restaurant, Bestia, Leah always dreamed of working there. In 2014 Leah was hired as the Assistant General Manager at Bestia and in the fall of 2015, she was promoted to General Manager. Currently, as the Director of Operations for Bestia and Bavel, Leah works extremely closely with Ori and Genevieve to execute their vision of both restaurants.