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Bavel Cookbook

By Ori Menashe, Genevieve Gergis, with Lesley Suter & photos by Nicole Franzen.


Bavel, Modern Recipes Inspired by the Middle East invites home cooks to explore the broad and varied cuisines of the Middle East through fragrant spice blends; sublime zhougs, tahini, labneh, and hummus; rainbows of crisp-pickled vegetables; tender, over-roasted flatbreads; fall-off-the-bone roasts and tagines; buttery pastries and tarts; and so much more.


The cookbook features personal stories and more than 85 recipes that celebrate the diversity of Middle Eastern Cuisines.


You can pre-order the Bavel Cookbook from any of the websites below (Released on May 25th):



Penguin Random House


Barnes & Noble


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